Moćno uljno vezivo na bazi poliuretinske tvrde pjene (PUR) u obliku granulata. Ne apsorbira vodu. Registrirano uljno vezivo. Odgovara propisima tipa I, II, III/SF sa oznakom R.

Za upijanje i vezivanje ulja, goriva i kemikalija. Može se koristiti na većim i manjim površinama, unutar i van zatvorenih prostorija.

Kat br : 7250

Upotreba :

First test the compatibility of the liquid to be absorbed with LIQUI MOLY Oil Absorber, especially for large-scale applications, unknown liquids or mixtures. 5 mm of LIQUI MOLY Oil Absorber should be evenly spread onto the liquid to be removed and taken away after sufficient reaction time. It`s effectiveness may be accelerated and enhanced by sweeping with a hard broom.

LIQUI MOLY Oil Absorber can be used in regular gritters. When emptying the bag, please pay attention to direction and strength of the wind. Observe general dust precautions and risk of ignition from electrostatic charge.

The BMU (Fed.Min. for Environment) Official Notification on “Removal of oil on road surfaces” recommends the following procedure: Apply the oil binder at least twice to the oil surface, gather the binder into a pile and collect it as carefully and completely as possible. Clean the traffic area with a 1-% water-cleanser mixture. Since such cleansing solutions have a negative environmental impact, they must be used as sparingly as possible and should be taken up afterwards.

Disposal of used LIQUI MOLY Oil Absorber should be carried out according to the current regulations set out for the substances absorbed.

Pakovanje : 25 l


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